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Anshor Driving School FAQs

Where do I go to schedule a Driving Test?


Please note that Driving Tests cost $60 or $40 for our students, and there is a $15 no-show fee.

When can my child take Driver's Education?

14 years and 6 months

This is the Colorado State Law minimum age.  However, we find it is best if your student is closer to 15 when they take the class.

Do you give the Permit Test in class?

Yes, if the student is within 30 days of turning 15 or is already 15 or older.

If the student is outside of this parameter they can take the test at the DMV or at Anshor, by appointment.

Online students can take the written test at the DMV upon completion of the Online course, or at Anshor, by appointment.

All students must go to the DMV in order to get their Learner's Permit issued.

Does taking this class save me money on insurance?

Check with your insurance company but many underwriters will give a Driver Education Discount.  This discount is good for many years, often past college age.  (In many cases the savings pays for the cost of our program after the first year of having your insurance.)

Even if your current company does not give a discount, you may change companies at a later date to one that does offer a discount.  We encourage students to hold on to their certificates for many years for this reason!

What is the cost? Does that include everything?

Yes - everything is included - Classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel is $435. 

The online class with Behind-the-Wheel training is $425.   Online without Behind-the-Wheel is $125.00.

 After a student has had their permit for one year, they can choose to do their Drive Test with an Anshor Instructor.  We discount this rate for our students to $40. 

For payment options: On payment page you have your option of paying the $135 down payment or filling in a larger payment such as the full payment of $435  You can split the payment in half and pay half later.  The choice is up to you.  As long as the class is paid in full prior to the first day, the cost is $435.  If you would like to sign up and pay by check or cash, or credit, debit card at a later time that is also an option - your class place is held - just log out of the system and you will get your email confirmation.  Please note, there is a $35 fee for returned checks.

What is the number for the DMV?

Greeley:  970-352-5845    2320 Reservoir Road

Loveland:  970-667-7247     118 E. 29th Street

Alamosa:  719-589-4274     715 6th Street

Durango:  970-382-7078     98 Everett St. Suite A

La Junta:  719-384-2801     13 W. 3rd Street

How long has Anshor been in business?

Over 21 years!  Duane Anderson taught Driver Education at Greeley West H.S and Central H.S. for eight years prior to opening Anshor Driving School in 1994.  

Why should we choose Anshor for our child?

We are a company that cares about the safety of your child. We stress defensive driving techniques and theories throughout our classroom course and then put those into practice when we are behind the wheel with our students.  Our instructors genuinely care about each student's safety. 

Some Driver's Education companies sit students down and just have them read the manual and do work sheets all week. That is not how we teach.  We instruct students using up to date teaching techniques, group work and interactive meaningful dialogue to engage them in what is about to be a huge next step in their lives. We stongly believe your student should be a leader once they leave our classroom - to wear their seatbelts, not use their cell phones in the car and be mindful of distracted driving as well as refrain from alcohol with vehicles.

We have guest speakers, "Operation Lifesaver" to talk about Railroad safety and a Law Enforcement officer to discuss the danger of Weld County roads, seatbelt use, cell phones, drugs and alcohol abuse. We do this so that our students can get different perspectives on what is happening out on our roadways and how they can better prepare themselves to be out there. 

Anshor Driving School has been a coalition member of and works closely with Drive Smart Weld County for over 20 years.  

Anshor believes in the Graduated Licensing Laws that have helped to make Weld County a safer place for our teens and actively promotes the GDL laws.

Teaching our students to be good defensive drivers is a passion that runs deep with our entire team.  That is what we are here for!

How many hours of class time do they get?

30 Class Hours  

We offer Saturday classes when school is in session and weekday classes in summer and during school breaks. 

Mon - Fri   8:00 am - 2:30 pm      (Summers and Spring Break weeks)

Saturdays  8:00 am - 2:30 pm     (5 Saturdays during School year)

Special Session classes:  These are over holidays such as the Christmas Break and the week after Memorial Day.  

These classes are 4 days and are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

We suggest students who are close to 15 attend these 4 day classes  (not younger students) as the class curriculum moves at a quicker pace. If your student struggles with reading a 5 day or Saturday session would be better.

Regarding the 30 Hour Schedule: This is a Mandate by the State of Colorado - we adhere to their rules and regulations. Students must make up hours missed in the next scheduled session.  Please choose your schedule wisely. Call if you have questions or concerns so we can help you!

How many driving hours do they get?

Six Hours of Behind the Wheel lessons comes with your Classroom or Online option.  

The six hours of Behind the Wheel lessons that come with your package are private lessons.

However, some students may choose to partner up with another student in the classroom and drive in pairs.  If you choose to do this you will have observation time in the vehicle. It requires working around another individual's schedule and you will be responsible for making sure that your driving is not put off because of this.

The State of Colorado mandates that all minors who want to get their driver's license prior to age 16 1/2 have 6 hours of behind the wheel lessons with a certified instructor and show proof of that instruction at the DMV.

I want to test for my license. When can I do this?

if you are a minor (under the age of 18) you can test AFTER you have held your permit for one full year.  (365 Days)

You may NOT test early.  Minors must look at the date of issue on their permit and test one year later on that date or after.  

Colorado State Law will not allow early testing.  Please do not ask.

Schedule your drive test with Anshor - Our skilled Examiners love to see the growth in our students over the year - from classroom to Drive Test!