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Graduated Licensing Laws

Colorado Dept of Transportation

  • What you need to know to get - and keep - your Colorado Driver's License.
  • Links to Colorado's Graduated Driver License (GDL) Laws
  • Resources for parents.

Parents and Teens Resources

Colorado Driver Handbook

  Students taking the course in our class will be given the Colorado Handbook in class!

The handbook may be downloaded and printed from here.

Consumer Affairs - Best Auto Insurance Guide

Auto insurance for drivers is required by law in most states, and driving without it can lead to fines, increased future insurance costs and even a suspended license. Most lenders of car loans also require that you have insurance to protect their interest in your car. This is especially important for parents who plan to add a teen driver to their insurance policy.

Learn how to choose auto insurance with help from the Consumer Affairs Guide to Auto Insurance and Companies.


Drive Focus allows individuals to practice visual search skills anywhere, anytime on their ipad. Available in the Apple Store for $9.99 /month.

Drive Smart Weld County

Ford Driving Skills for Life

Free Ford Driving Skills for Life Hands-On Clinics.   Find their calendar of events.  Site also has Useful tools and the Online version of Fords guide to The Parent's Supervised Driving Program.  This guide is an extremely useful tool designed to ensure parents are giving their teens the proper information.  

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Safe and Affordable: Updated used vehicle recommendations for teens from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Interactive Crash Map - Denver

Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Trasporation, AAA Foundation  for Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin all team together to bring Data on DENVER area traffic crashes and fatalities.  

Interactive map shows ages of victims, types of crashes and contributing factors.  Very eye opening source of information!


The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety   A look at information and tools that can help with the learning-to-drive process.

Parent Contract

Student Driving Log

Students will need to show proof of driving 50 hours (10 of those being night time hours) to the State of Colorado in order to get their drivers license prior to age 18.  

This log can be printed from our site. The DMV typically gives students a log when they get their permit, however, if you lose your log, they will accept this.

Teen Driving Guide

Our new teen driving guide covers topics such as understanding the risks of driving, safe driving tips, how parents can help and more.

Teen Driving Safety Guide

The Canary Project

Designed to give parents peace of mind and to curb distracted driving especially among teenage drivers. Programmable settings are available for both IPhone and Android.

* Know instantly when your teen is texting, tweeting, or doing anything else behind the wheel  *Receive notifications the second your child makes or takes a phone call while on the road.

Tips for Parents of New Drivers

Chevrolet has this handy website for parents with great tips for parents of new drivers.  Good tips on talking to your teen about a Parent/Teen agreement, a "Flight Plan," and consequences.

Vehicle Emergency Kits

Guide to valuable items to have in your vehicle in case of emergency situations.  


More Practice Permit Tests

Motorcycle Permit Test - Practice Tests

Online tool created to prepare candidates for the Motorcycle Permit Test. Multiple choice questions and several tests you can take.  This site also has helpful information for bike enthusiasts.

Practice Permit Tests